In 1930, Grant Wood, an American painter with European training, noticed a small white house built in the Carpenter Gothic architectural style in Eldon, Iowa. Wood decided to paint the house along with "the kind of people I fancied should live in that house."

With the onset of the Great Depression, the painting came to be seen as a depiction of steadfast American pioneer spirit.

Almost 75 years after the debut of American Gothic, I ventured forth to recapture that spirit of America. With my trusted co-pilot, we traveled the back roads of Pennsylvania. Having no real destination and no itinerary, we drove with even fewer rules. We were not to travel by any major highways: nothing to see on a highway but highway. We were to only eat at independently owned restaurants and diners, and if there was a counter then we had to sit at it. One can't help but talk to the locals when sitting at the counter.

Embodying that 'steadfast American pioneer spirit', we headed east with an old picture frame, no GPS system, and a sense of adventure. What we found, though, was the new Amerikan Gothik.