Have you ever gazed upon the face of a stranger? A face so distorted with wrinkles and age that to imagine their past seems almost impossible? You envision a childhood filled with hopes and dreams...Concocting stories that seem to make each line meaningful. And thus this story began...Fields full of strangers: rusted, wrinkled, dented, loved and left to die...A lifetime of stories in their eyes. Silently they sit, tired from the journey and worn from their past, yet their eyes remain open, just waiting for you to listen.

Fifty years ago, cars were built by human hands. Automobiles were pounded, hoisted, hammered, and cussed into shape. Those men and women that forged an American icon out of steel are now aging grandparents or great-grandparents. Like the cars they built fifty years ago, some are dented, some are bruised, and most are rusty. Using photography, poetic personification, and some personal vignettes, the two icons are brought together again in Shine

Except for the occasional soft breeze or the gentle touch of a resting dragonfly...Most of them are alone.

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